Professional Rug Restoration and Cleaning Services At our establishment, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship and dedication that go into the restoration of Oriental rugs. Regardless of their size or value, each piece receives meticulous care, underscored by our commitment to utilizing only the finest materials and products. Our process begins with a thorough inspection and photography of each rug, ensuring transparent and accurate communication with our clients before any restoration work commences. Our comprehensive suite of services includes: • Full Restoration of Damaged Rugs: We breathe new life into damaged rugs, restoring their beauty and integrity with unmatched precision. • Exact Colour and Wool Matching: Special attention is given to antique rugs, striving for an exact match in color and wool. Whenever possible, we opt for old materials that mirror the age and essence of the rug, preserving its historical authenticity. • Re-weaving and Re-piling of Worn Areas: Moth damage and general wear are no match for our re-weaving and re-piling services, designed to restore the rug’s original texture and appearance. • Correction of Curled Edges and Corners: We employ faux leather strips to fix curled edges and corners, ensuring the rug lays flat and presents beautifully. • Securing Ends and Sides: Our meticulous work extends to reinforcing the rug’s ends and sides, safeguarding against fraying and damage. • New Fringes and Sides: We offer the addition of new fringes and the restoration of sides, further enhancing the rug’s aesthetic and structural integrity. Entrusting us with your Oriental rug ensures it is in the hands of professionals who value quality and client satisfaction above all. Let us restore the splendour of your rugs with our expert care and attention to detail.